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All Millbrook mattresses are individually and lovingly handmade in England using the finest natural fabrics and fillings, such as wool, cotton, cashgora and silk.
From the nesting of individual pocketed springs, to the hand side-stitching of each mattress, every stage in the making of our beds meets exacting standards of timeless quality.
Unlock the secret to perfect sleep in a beautifully created Millbrook bed.

The pocket spring is at the heart of all our top-quality mattresses. Each spring is placed in an individual pocket and joined all around to isolate it from its neighbours, ensuring no ‘roll-together’. Double stacking and individually nested pocket springs provide superior levels of support. The top tier of the springs absorbs the majority of the weight whilst conforming to the body shape.

Every Millbrook mattress features traditional hand side stitching to secure the outer springs to the border preventing ‘roll-off’. This is a highly skilled and labour intensive operation. The difference this makes to the mattress is dramatic – preventing the distortion and extending the sleeping area right to the edge of the bed.

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